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U.S. Green Building CouncilSince 1997, we’ve been incorporating sustainable design into our projects.  It began when we co-founded the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable building practices, and has continued ever since.

To us, sustainable design needs to be practical.  If it isn’t, it won’t bring lasting value or enhance our lives or our children’s lives. Making it real starts with helping our clients select green strategies that they can actually operate and maintain.

With 13 LEED certified projects, three LEED pending projects and 22 LEED accredited professionals, our team is committed to sustainable design—at any level. Whether a client has committed to pursuing certification or is simply interested in learning more about LEED, including sustainable design elements is the baseline standard on every Kahler Slater project. Why? It’s good for the environment, good for our health, it’s good design and it’s good business.

LEED Certified and Pending Projects: